Imaginary Concepts, Inc. global apparel solutions process, studies the DNA of your brand to elevate your product to the next level. Become a leader in your market using the latest innovation with branding, product development, technology & design and digital marketing.


Brand Ideation, is creating a diverse product towards a particular customer. Our brand ideation strategy will use design and innovation to build a strong brand meaning. The bonds between a brand and buyer, builds a brand community, embrace the marks of your tribe.



Product Development’s objective is to cultivate, maintain and increase a brand’s market share by designing to the consumers’ demand. We understand that every product will not appeal to the target market. ICI believes that design attributes must take place early in the product development stage for clarity, so we can meet our client’s needs.



Technology and Design, is a unique way to create the DNA of a collection. Technology intimately integrated into the design makes a product unique. This process of design is something we do with all our clients, we do not want to compete dollar to dollar with other brands. We want our clients to stand out and become something that makes their product special, so customers will want to buy it.



Launching a E-commerce business needs be unique and aimed strategically to the right consumer. We will make the process easy for your brand in 5 phases. Data Gathering, Design, Development, Testing and Launch. Our objective is designing a E-commerce platform with user-friendly functions for you to launch your brand for online sales from your website.

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Imaginary Concepts works with each client in Brand Ideation, Product Development or Technology & Design.