“Understanding what our client’s needs are, is the first step to a good working relationship.” ici

Imaginary Concepts, Inc. / ICI, is a global apparel solutions agency. Lead by a team of individuals with unparalleled track records sharing the vision of creating and executing merchandising, innovation, product development and textiles innovation for the apparel industry that enhances and leverages brands for over 25 years. The founders started in the apparel industry over 25 years ago, born and raised in Southern California, and traveled all over the world for many retailers and brands creating product that sets their clients apart from their competitors. We understand what it takes for a product to get to Fiber to Fixture.

Many clients ask, “why are you located in Southern California and not New York”. They wanted to strategically be located in the middle of Asia and Europe, where innovation and manufacturing can be reached easily. Imaginary Concepts, Inc. has the background in performance and luxury textiles, design ideation, merchandising, marketing and manufacturing abilities with global resources.

Our Code of Conduct, As a socially responsible company, Imaginary Concepts, Inc. acknowledges and agrees to honor the ethnical obligations to our business partners and the public. We promise to comply with the Code of Conduct, to treat everyone fairly and with dignity. ICI promise to go beyond the letter of our policies, to take personal accountability for what we do right or wrong and to give credit and honor to the contributions of others.

Ideation Solutions, In a world where brand survival depends on connecting with consumers and having the ability to constantly re-invent yourself, ICI provides world class design, technical development, sourcing and product communication solutions. Brainstorming should never be done independently, design and manufacturing must be done together. Without a full understanding of the process that is required to bring realization to an idea, the chances of market success are minimal. ICI, is a consulting company from Ideation to Product Development in the apparel industry. Our global supply chain with the experience on being a certified 37.5 fiber developer, we will build the bridge between ideation to functional product, with the highest technical ideas that will make our clients the leaders in their market.

Philosophy of Design, [er.go.nomi.ics] for Apparel: an applied science concerned with designing and arranging things people use and wear, with the most efficiency and comfort. ICI, believes that design starts with fabric application and the structure of patterns that achieves true performance and fit.

“And the only way to do great work is to love what you do…. Don’t settle” Steve Jobs


“We are real people that understand there are solutions to all problems.” ICI



[Chief Problem Solver]

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Joven [Artisan]




[Big Thinker]

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[The “IT” Dept.]



Rosemary [Keeper of Order]

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Scott [Mover & Shaker]



Fashion Graphic Artist

Looking for a person that can handle multiple projects and diverse in Swimwear, Activewear, Sportswear and Tailoring for the men and women markets. Have to be Fast, Efficient and Complete on all projects.



  • Microsoft Excel

  • Illustrator CC

  • Photoshop CC

  • Free hand rough sketching

  • Color Theory knowledge

  • Updated with the current fonts and typography

Motivated Intern - Fashion Background

Motivated individual that is willing to learn and is self efficient on project. Must be willing to ask for help when needed, we are team and cannot do things alone.



  • Microsoft Excel

  • Microsoft Word

  • Familiar with posting on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Snap Chat.

  • Organized and motivated to simple task

  • Fashion sense or Apparel background

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